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You don’t have to give up a Bacon Sandwich on Slimming World. You just have to think outside that preverbal box. Just to confirm, I love Bacon Sandwiches, but when you are on a diet, it can be hard. In addition to that, I can’t eat bread. This is a major disaster for me, as I love bread.  Fresh Bread as it is just coming out of the oven. Fresh Bread as Slimming WorldThen lots and lots of real butter. You can just see the heat rising from the bread and taste the delicious warm butter as it melts in your mouth. The smell is wafting over me as I write this.

Then, add some fresh smoked back bacon. Lightly cooked but making sure it is not too crispy.  To be really decadent you could also add a freshly cooked fried egg.  The yoke has to be runny and the white cooked all the way through. Then add a little tomato ketchup. Heaven. This is what every Sunday morning calls for. Fresh bacon sandwich with a fried egg.  Can you taste it?

The Slimming World eating plan makes a few restrictions when it comes to eating. Especially if you want to lose some weight.  Slimming World doesn’t advocate that you refrain from eating anything, but you sin it or could it as part of your daily allowances.



Bacon Sandwich on Slimming World and it’s Sin Free

I have managed to make a Bacon Sandwich on Slimming World, which is sin free and from all your free foods.  How fantastic is that?  As mentioned above, I can’t or shouldn’t eat bread. I needed to find an alternative to bread. At a local chinse restaurant I was presented with Peking Duck, and instead of the pancakes, they gave me Iceberg Lettice. It was wonderful, so I thought I could do the same here.  It works so well.

Get two or three leaves of Iceberg Lettice, smear some triangle cheese (if you like cheese with your bacon sandwich) like butter.  Fry the bacon in Fri Light, removing all visible fat. Fry an egg, again using Fry Light. Cut some tomatoes and place in the Iceberg Lettice leave with some tomato ketchup.  Fold the leaves as you would do a wrap. Sit down and eat. Heaven. You won’t even notice the missing bread.

Bacon Sandwich on Slimming World   Bacon Sandwich on Slimming World

Bacon Sandwich on Slimming WorldMake sure you get good quality bacon and fry it well.  Smoked bacon I find is the best. I will concede that the colour of the Lettice Bacon Sandwich is different. However, take my word for it, it’s fantastic.

There you go, a Bacon Sandwich on Slimming World.



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