Category: Hobbies

Having a Hobby or hobbies is the one question everyone hates. Any answer will give the impression that you are hip, with the ‘in crowd’ or a total loser. How glamorous can you make crocheting or knitting sound? Alternatively, how exciting is Needle Felting or paper cutting? I know, these hobbies are not going to turn the world on its head. They are not going to stop traffic or any other exciting phrase you can think of.

Hobbies and a Hobby for every person

Beleive it or not, there is a hobby for every person that has ever existed.  A hobby is something that you do for the love of it. I would hate going to watch a football match. Cricket, forget it. I just couldn’t imagine anything worse. But you see, I am me, and I like hobbies that involve anything to do with yarn. That doesn’t mean I am any good or would make a living out of any of them, but I don’t care. I love my hobbies and can happily spend hours hooking (crocheting and or knitting). When I get out my needled felting, and I can stab and prick to my heart’s content losing hours in any day.

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