Category: Inspiration

Inspiration can make your heart flutter, can encourage you to be the best you can be and make you feel on top of the world. Inspiration can come in many forms.  For a quick hello from an unrequited or secret love, a well done by your boss or a story of someone who has been miraculous.

Everyone has the ability to become an inspiration to those around them. A kind word, a helping hand or just a pleasant smile. We have all seen those posts on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter that make you smile. Those short video clips that you forward as you know they are telling a good story.

We all want inspiration

Watching a Football game can put you in the best mood ever, especially if your team won.  Alternatively, the watching the Olympics and knowing that those athletes trained for hours to be as good as they are. Then, of course, there is the London Marathon. Who hasn’t watched that and vowed to run a Matharon at some point in their life or at least a half Marathon.

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