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Slimming World does work, for me. I have been attending group meetings since the 1 December 2017 and have so far lost over 30 pounds, with today’s date being the 8 May 2018.  Moreover, I have lost 1 – 1.5 pounds a week.  The diet fits in with my daily life, and I have actually made very little

Breakfast - Slimming World does work

Slimming Word Free Foods for Breakfast

Changes to my lifestyle. However, the only difficulty I had was getting my head around the Health A’s and Health B’s.  To be honest, my Healthy A is milk for tea and coffee.  I have my Healthy B’s in the evening which is a Slimming World Hifi bar.  Chocolate without guilt!

If pushed, I think I would refer to the Slimming World diet as more of a 1950’s diet.  In the first place, all foods that are free to eat are vegetables and fruit.  Most meat and fish are free to eat, and you can eat as much as you like. For the first few weeks, I lived of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and baked beans. You can then have some processed foods, but they are syned.  I have up to 15 syns per day.

Slimming World does Work

Slimming World does work and gave me back my rings

I lost 30 pounds on Slimming World to be able to wear my rings again.

When you put on weight it is often the little things that you miss.  For me, it was wearing my rings.  For my 18 Birthday, my mother gave me a diamond and sapphire ring.  I wore it on my middle finger.  A few years later I went backpacking, and my mother purchased another ring, a Claddagh ring. I wore this on my other middle finger. From my first pay packet, I bought a silver and onyx. I loved wearing my rings, but as I got bigger and bigger, the rings got tighter and tighter.  Eventually, I had to take them off and look at them longly thinking ‘One Day’.

Well, that ‘One Day’ finally arrived for me this weekend and this is why I can say that Slimming World does work. I found my rings in the dish on my dressing table and thought, go on give it a try. To my amazement, they all fit.

It’s the little things you miss when you are overweight

This started a weekend of trying on clothes, shoes and all other items that were put aside for ‘One Day’. Some of the clothes are still ‘One Day’, but others are this day, right now, this very minute. In fact, some of the clothes are ‘Yesterday’s’ and far too big.  Every time I look at my hands with my rings on, it makes me smile. As I said, it’s the little things that mean more to you than you may care to mention.  Wearing some rings may not mean a lot to everyone, but to me, it’s a massive achievement.

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