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Slimming World has and is still working for me.  In my last post stated that I had been welcomed back to Slimming World with open arms.  It has been a while since my previous post, and I thought I would take this opportunity to bring you up to date with what has been happening to me during the last two months.

Julie Farmer is still at Slimming WorldI do understand that someone else’s journey at Slimming World could be a little boring, especially if you have a week by week account of what is happening.  It is for this reason I have not mentioned it since the last post.  However, I have now been on the plan for 11 weeks, and in that time, I have lost 19 and ½ pounds.  I am thrilled and can’t tell you how I have done it.

Yes, I have been following the plan to the best of my ability.  The strange thing is, I don’t think I have changed my eating habits.  I have breakfast every day, which I tried to do before joining Slimming World.  At 1 pm I will have lunch and an evening meal at about 7 pm.  I would snack a lot, but I still do that, but with fruit instead of chocolates. As a daily treat, I have one chocolate (A Roses chocolate) every day and a very very small glass of Baileys.

My breakfast consists of bacon, one fried egg (using Fry Light) and mushrooms.  On the odd occasion, I will add baked beans.  I promise you; this is what I am having.  At lunchtime, I have been having an American Chicken Salad or Ryvita and triangle cheese and ham.  I once had tomato soup (I hate soup).  In the evening I have been having Rice (we call it Chow Fan, Hong Kong Style), Pork Chops with Slimming World Chips and veg or baked beans.

I also have two HiFi bars from Slimming World.  During the evening and if I am feeling hungry, I eat fruit.  Apples, Oranges, Mangos, Pears and Bananas.  On a Sunday I have a big Sunday Roast, and on Friday, it is Fish and Chips (homemade with Slimming World Chips).  I will change the meal on occasion so that it is relatively varied. On the whole, this is my food intake.

On the Slimming World diet, if you are unaware, you have to have a Health A and B.  Lots of Free Foods and up to 15 sins a say.  I am not a morning person until I have had a coffee, so my Healthy A (for calcium) is Semi Skimmed Milk.  My Healthy B is always two Slimming World HiFi bars or Ryvita (Fibre).

My Weight Loss to date at Slimming World

Week Date Lost Total
Week 1 30 Nov 2017 Weigh-in 0 pounds
Week 2 07 Dec 2017 Lost 5½ pounds 5½ pounds
Week 3 14 Dec 2017 Lost 2½ pounds (Christmas) 8 pounds
Week 4 04 Jan 2018 Lost ½ pound 8½ pounds
Week 5 11 Jan 2018 Lost 2½ pounds 11 pounds
Week 6 18 Jan 2018 Lost 1½ pounds 12½ pounds
Week 7 25 Jan 2018 Lost 0 pounds 12 ½ pounds
Week 8 01 Feb 2018 Lost ½ Pound 13 pounds
Week 9 08 Feb 2018 Lost 1½ pound 14½ pounds
Week 10 15 Feb 2018 Lost 1½ pounds 16 pounds
Week 11 22 Feb 2018 Lost 3½ pounds 19½ pounds

If I am honest, I think I have about 66 pounds to go.  I will make that decision as I lose more weight and my body changes.  I do not want to end up being too skinny and looking gaunt.  In all honesty, I think that I would be happy being a size 14, I am a size 18. In November 2017 I wore size 20/22.  Not something I want to admit, even now.


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