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Secretary and PA Training
Students on our Secretary and PA Training Course in London


11-12 Jan 2017 - London
1-2 Feb 2018 - Birmingham
8-9 Mar 2018 - Oxford

Enhance your skills, find your confidence and become the star you know you are!


Time Management

21 Mar 17 - Birmingham

13 Mar 17 - London

24 Mar 17 - Bristol

3 Apr 17 - Southampton

Confidence and Assertiveness

 20 Mar 17 - Birmingham

14 Mar 17 - London

22 Mar 17 - Bristol



Secretarial & PA Training Course

Minute Taking Course

Assertive & Confidence Training

Starting a Business

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"Great teacher, really enjoyable + looking forward to going into work to put into place my new skills and knowledge". Danielle

Turning up to take minutes isn't enough, there is a raft of rules, responsibilities that need to happen before a meeting. If you are the minute taker, then this course is for you.

When life and work seem to be getting on top of you, when colleagues seem to be picking on you or you just feel you can't do the tasks asked of you, then this course is for you.

Starting a business doesn't have to be scary or a big thing. If you need help in getting your business off the ground, then take a look at this course. It will help.

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