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What does a PA do?

If you have ever wondered what a PA, Personal Assistant does? Apart from Time Management, Planning, organising and making the boss look good?

Have you ever wondered what your Net Worth is? This is the amount of money you are worth in your job, what tasks you do and who relies on you once you have completed that task?


Do you have a topic you would like us to discuss?  If so please drop us an email and we will investigate the issue for you.

Executive PA Training, Personal Development and Corporate Training


We offer a comprehensive range of services to help all entrepreneurs, busy executives and their staff excel and be the best they can be.  Our resources range from:

  • Where to start if you want to start your own business
  • Creating a plan for your business and coaching
  • Become an efficient PA and Secretary
  • Learn how to take minutes of meetings
  • How to cope with workplace bullying

Training for the Executive PA. Courses in London, Birmingham and the South of England

julie-21-june-2013v1 Who am I


Hello, and welcome to the myPA website.  My name is Julie Farmer, I hope you find the information you need to start your own business useful, helpful and the encouragement to get out there and start your own business and become the entrepreneur you know you can be.

I am passionate about PA, EA and Secretaries being the best. An Executive PA Training course will show you how good you are, can be and help to develop your career further.


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