PA, Secretary and VA Training

PA, Secretary and VA Training

PA, Secretary and VA Training

Birmingham Training Courses

Minute Taking

14 February 2022

28 March 2022

Secretary and PA Training

7-8 March 2022

Time Management

23 February 2022


Virtual Assistant

22 February 2022

2 March 2022

Secretary and PA Training

21-22 March 2022

Time Management

21 March 2022


London Training Courses

Minute Taking

17 February 2022

31 March 2022

Secretary and PA Training

16-17 March 2022

Time Management

24 March 2022

Julie Farmer PA Training


My name is Julie Farmer, and I have been running myPA since 2002 on a part-time and full-time since 2005.  During that time, I have run a successful Virtual PA business.  I have trained Personal Assistants (PA), Secretaries, and those wanting to set up their own Virtual Businesses.

When I started the business, I didn’t realise I had a passion for training.  I have to admit; I love it.  I love seeing women realise they are better than they think.  That they can earn their own money and be in charge of their own destiny.

Becca- 15 Oct 19

Excellent course. 
Julie. was a great trainer. I have newfound confidence with the hints and tips to aid minute taking and PA Skills.  for the first time in a long time I am looking forward to going back into the office and show what I can do.

PA to the MD

Ways we can deliver our training courses

Online training

There are instances where it may be difficult to attend a face to face meeting therefore we can train online.


Face to Face Training

These styles of the training course are in groups or individual training sessions to meet individual or corporate needs.


Blended Training

These styles of the training course mix a face to face course, home learning and virtual training.


Why should you work with us?

Engaging and Proactive

Our courses are adaptable to our student’s individual needs without compromising the quality of the content of our training


Reliability Training

All our trainers not only teach the course content but also work with the content on a daily basis and update good practice.


Cost-Effective Training

Our training courses are cost-effective with no hidden charges.


More Testimonials 2019 - 2021

Minute Taking

  • 10/10 – A great informative course, very personable. -Emma
  • Julie taught in a great way very interactive. Amanda
  • A very informative, interactive course which has hopefully equipped me with skills I can put into practice. Thank you, Julie,
  • Julie was excellent
  • It was very helpful and I would definitively recommend the course
  • The trainer was very informative and engaging
  • Senior Management should attend this course to understand the roles and responsibilities of the chair, thank you Julie for your explanation
  • Trainer was excellent. Tailored the course to all delegates and their job roles.


Train The Trainer

  • Rally good rapport with Julie, very approachable, Excellent communication Style. Really enjoyable – Anna
  • Thank you, Julie, for adapting the course content to suit our needs
  • Excellent course really enjoyed it

Self Esteem and Assertiveness Training Course

  • Julie reacted well to each individual and the day was good and we had great fun
  • Julie was enthusiastic, friendly and helpful. Thank you
  • Julie was very effective, and I loved her personalized approach. Made the course really resonate with my professional and personal life.


Secretary and PA Training Course

  • I thought the course was good, just sometimes hare to apply to my company
  • Great pace, enjoyable, good opportunity to discuss topics
  • Trainer was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable on the subject
  • Julie is a great trainer
  • Really interesting course and Julie was fabulous
  • Very knowledgeable, lots to take back to my organisation


  • Julie is brilliant as a teacher, with so much knowledge and expertise.  She is very supportive and has helped me tremendously (and just in one day!).
  • Julie was fantastic.  Very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed this cause and walked away very excited to improve my skills.
  • I absolutely loved and enjoyed the two days of training.  Julie is an excellent trainer,  Thank you, Julie.
  • Julie was very approachable and helped me work through various work problems.  Thank you so much.