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Secretarial & PA Training Course

Secretarial and PA Training


Being a Secretary and PA isn’t easy, it’s not a case of sitting at your desk and waiting for the phone to ring.  Any experienced Secretary and PA will tell you that. There are some skills you need to learn, some key functions you have to accomplish and multi-tasking for yourself and your boss or bosses.  This course will help you with all of this and more.

We will discuss the different modalities you need to understand to be an effective Secretary and PA.  We will discuss the many tools at your fingertips to organise yourself and your boss or bosses.  Also, we will discuss communications, and the role communication has within your day to day activities.

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Price £599 per person
Group book bookings, please ask.

The Course Syllabus is available here as a pdf document.

pa-secretary course syllabus can be found here

Latest Testimonials

Great teacher, really enjoyable and looking forward to going into work to put into place my new skills and knowledge. D Harris

10 out of 10 – 13 Sep 2016

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Very insightful and informative. A Lockhart

10 out of 10 – 13 Sep 2016

* * * * *

Relevant and useful course. L Langham

10 out of 10 – 20 Oct 2016

* * * * *

Very informative and approachable trainer. Thank you. S Bateson

9 out of 10 – 20 Oct 2016

* * * * *

Would be really useful for the trainer to see some of the styles/types of reports we do. Very useful.

8 out of 10 – 20 Oct 2016

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It’s going very well thank you! Using lots of the information from the course and have managed to cut down hours spent in meetings and we have a clock in the boardroom so we don’t run over by much anymore and hopefully soon not at all! Rebecca.


“Great teacher, really enjoyable + looking forward to going into work to put into place my new skills and knowledge”. Danielle


Thanks Julie, I really loved the course and am looking forward to getting back to work to put my new skills into practice.  You have given me the confidence and tools I needed. Thank you so much. Sarah


I knew I was a good PA and looked after my team well, which is why I was surprised to be told I had to attend this course.  The new skills I have picked up will certainly help me moving forward. Thanks and now the world is mine.  I will remember my new mantra, “What’s the next question”.

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