Jobs to do Working from Home


Working from home is fantastic as long as you have the skills.

This book will tell you what skills you need for a variety of jobs that can be undertaken at home. £9.95

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What can I do?

A Simple Exercise

Take the next 30 minutes and write down every skill you have had at work and see how many are transferable then you will know what jobs you can do from home.

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This book has been written to help anyone who would like to work from home, but is unsure of where to start.

  • You have the time
  • You have the need
  • You have the space
  • You have the desire

However, you are not sure if you have the skills required.  You are not sure if you have to start a new career and teach yourself a whole new set of skills or utilise the skills and abilities you already have.

Jobs-you-can-do-from-home Jobs-you-can-do-from-home

Value for Money

Interesting set of skills needed for each different career.  I didn’t realise I had transferable skills that I could use to work from home.

Thanks Julie

What do you get from the book?

Ideas on the types of jobs you can do from home!

Here are some examples of the information contained within this book.  These are some of the many jobs you can do from home.

Gadget Control

This may seem to be a unique service to offer your clients, but Gadgets are becoming part of business life – think about the iPhone, iPad, smartphones, etc.

Clients love them to start with, but then they all need to talk to each other and then problems can occur. If you have an understanding of how all these devices work together, then this would be an ideal service to offer your clients.

This service would also lend itself to give seminars/workshops on how each of these devices could work together and how to set them up.

Suggested Skill Requirements

• Understanding of modern gadgets
• Computer knowledge
• Aware of the latest technologies
• Confidence
• Excellent communication skills with your client
• Patience
• Analytical and logical thinking
• The ability to envision business situations
• Intellectual Curiosity
• Critical thought and rational enquiry
• Up to date understanding of the new and advancing technologies/apps about to be released on the market

Putting up Flat Pack Furniture

This requires a lot of energy and moving ability. It is a good task to get out of the office and help someone who may not be able to do it themselves. A good understanding of instructions is needed in order to provide a reliable service.

Suggested Skill Requirements

• Good with instructions
• Energetic
• Thinking on your feet
• Patient
• Attention to details


Data Entry

This is probably one of the key cornerstone of any home workers business, entering data onto a database or creating a database. This can be anything from sales data all the way through to products or stock.

Suggested Skill Requirements

• Spreadsheet use
• Word use
• Typing ability
• Ability to work with numbers
• Good computer skills
• Good English and Maths
• Excellent communications skills
• Ability to work quickly
• Ability to work accurately
• Update, maintain and archive database
• Computer literacy
• Attention to detail

Email Management

Many small businesses have a number of emails that come into their business and are unable to cope with the majority of them, a lot of them will be spam, so setting out rules within Outlook or whatever email system they use to prevent the spam coming into their emails is a great service to add.

Suggested Skill Requirements

• A good knowledge of Outlook, Google mail etc. Creativity
• Use of IT packages
• Computer literate
• Good typing ability
• Reliability
• Customer service
• Independent working
• Excellent organisational skills
• Good written and spoken communication skills
• Accuracy and attention to detail
• Calm and professional manner
• Flexible and adaptable approach to work
• Work on own initiative
• Tact, discretion and dealing with confidential information


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