Minute Taking Course


Public Minute Taking Courses

  • 12th November 2019 – Birmingham
  • 19th November 2019 – Faringdon
  • 26th November 2019 – London
  • 3rd December 2019 – Birmingham
  • 10th December 2019 – London
  • 17th December 2019 – Faringdon

£295 per delegate including refreshments/certificate/manual

For a detailed syllabus download our useful pdf document here.


We can also arrange to come to your premises to run our Minute Taking Course.  We only charge £949 for a group of up to 12 per day  (ex-travel charged at 45 pence per mile).

Minute Taking In Meetings

This minute taking course helps you to learn to take and write professional meeting minutes and to do so more efficiently and speedily. The minute taking in meetings training course is suitable for any meeting that you have to write the minutes.

Attending this course enables you to provide your organisation with a set of professional minutes each and every time. To ensure that you are ready to take minutes the course uses a combination of both theory and practical activities allowing you to practice taking minutes before you return to work.

Our minute taking course can be adapted to suit your level of experience with taking minutes, but on the whole, it is suitable for anyone involved in meeting minutes.

Overall the aim of the training course is to enable you to write meeting minutes professionally, reduce the amount of wording required, save time and effort to produce effective minutes and to enhance the level of meeting communication for the organisation, the chair and meeting members.

Meeting minutes samples

This minute taking course carries no pre-course work as we provide everything you need on the day.  However, if you feel that you would like to bring samples of minutes that you have created for checking, then this can be fed into the group and practical areas of the course.

Latest Testimonials

Julie has instilled confidence in me and my minutes taking ability. Lucy B

Knowledge of Subject = Excellent
Style and Delivery = Excellent
Learning environment = Excellent
10 out of 10 – 8 Nov 2017

Very informative and delivered well. A Baker. 10 out of 10 – 18 Nov 2016

Julie is brilliant as a teacher, with so much knowledge and expertise.  She is very supportive and has helped me tremendously (and just in one day!)
Knowledge of Subject = Excellent
Style and Delivery = Excellent
Learning environment = Excellent
10 out of 10 – 8 Nov 2017

Julie made me feel that being a minute taker is important and that I’m part of a team. Enjoy taking minutes and not getting stressed. 10 out of 10 – 18 Nov 2016

Course was very helpful, learnt many new skills which are needed for a minute taker. Q Kangura 9 out of 10 – 18 November 2016

Very enjoyable and will help in my new role. A Vaja – 9 out of 10 -18 November 2016

It’s going very well thank you! Using lots of the information from the course and have managed to cut down hours spent in meetings and we have a clock in the boardroom so we don’t run over by much anymore and hopefully soon not at all! Rebecca.

“Great teacher, really enjoyable + looking forward to going into work to put into place my new skills and knowledge”. Danielle

Thanks, Julie, I really loved the course and am looking forward to getting back to work to put my new skills into practice.  You have given me the confidence and tools I needed. Thank you so much. Sarah

I knew I was a good PA and looked after my team well, which is why I was surprised to be told I had to attend this course.  The new skills I have picked up will certainly help me moving forward. Thanks and now the world is mine.  I will remember my new mantra, “What’s the next question”.

Feedback from our

Minute Taking Course

on the 24 June 2019

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