Coping with Bullying with our Assertive and Confidence Training Course

Assertive and Confidence Training, coping with bullying in the workplace is made much easier when you have the tools.

Assertive and Confidene Training with myPA Business

Do you find yourself lacking in confidence because of issues at work? Do you need to be a little more assertive? If so, this course is perfect for you. Our Assertiveness and Confidence Training course deals with both of these issues in the workplace.

Assertiveness and Confidence Training

Confidence is often confused with aggression. Confident individuals aim to be neither passive nor aggressive when dealing with other people. Although everyone acts in a passive and aggressive way from time to time, colleagues feel threatened by an aggressive approach.  Often an aggressive approach is misunderstood as a lack of self-confidence  

“Assertiveness means standing up for your rights – expressing thoughts, feelings and beliefs in direct, honest ways.” It is important to note also that “By being assertive, we should always respect other people’s thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.”

During the course, you learn how to be more assertive and confident. Recognise the difference between assertive and aggressive behaviour. You will create a confidence-building plan with the critical skills required for dealing with difficult situations. Learn to say No, without feeling guilty.

What you will learn:

By the end of this assertiveness and confidence-training course, you will have the knowledge and skills to deal with stressful situations. Have the ability to deliver assertive statements efficiently, build your self-confidence and gain the strength to say ‘no’ assertively

During the course you will cover:

We will discuss what assertiveness is? The benefits of being assertive in the right situations. We will discover the different levels of assertiveness, together with what are submissive and aggressive behaviours. We will also discuss the effects of body language.

Further, we will discuss the difference between submissive, aggressive and assertive behaviour. Understand your communication style and plan and build your confidence by being specific, staying relevant, and achieving positive outcomes. We will discuss the barriers to assertiveness and confidence and recognising and dealing with fear. Understanding assertive and confidence techniques. Saying no assertively. Persuasion skills and coping with criticism. Listening skills.

We are able to tailor the course to meet individual or group requirements. This course costs £300 per delegate. If you would like this course delivered to your office by some staff, please contact Julie directly for costs and suggestions. You will get a lot of support and strategies to help you return to work.