How to create the perfect Business Card

How to make a business card

How to design a business card

Creating a Business Card can be a very personal piece of Marketing for your Business.  After spending many many hours creating CRM systems (entering Business Cards onto databases for my clients), I have created the following list to help answer this question.  This list is my opinion only, and you may ask a number of other people the same question and get a very different answer.  The most critical point of a business card is to let people know your name, know that you have a business and how to contact you.  Once you have answered these questions, then your business card should do its job.

When creating a business card

  1. Make sure your company name is clear and easy to read – no fancy fonts that can’t be read.
  2. Do not use an email address like be professional, purchase your companies domain name, even if you only use it for emails.
  3. Do not make it difficult for the reader to see the name of your company and if you use a tagline, please make sure it is appropriate. I have come across a business card that read Browns – Love Business.  This business was not an Adult business but Business Coaching. Remember first impressions count.
  4. Use a font that is easy to read, if they can’t read the narrative on the card you could have lost a new customer.
  5. Use a font size that can be read by someone with poor eyesight.
  6. Put your full postcode.
  7. Put your county on the card.
  8. Putting a landline number of the card if you have one, with only your mobile number could indicate that you are a one-man band, even if you are you don’t need to let the world know.
  9. Put your address on the card; you should have nothing to hide.
  10. Create a card that is easy to store, not one that has to fold over 2 or 3 times.
  11. Ensure the look of the cards is appropriate for your field of business and that tells the reader what you do for a living, just having your name and address may be informative to you, but think of the reader 3, 4 or 6 months down the line Are they going to remember your business?
  12. Make sure your web address and email address are the same, e.g. or .com not a mix of both
  13. Don’t abbreviate words, e.g. Rd for Road, if you use an abbreviated word on your marketing material what else will you abbreviate?
  14. Make sure the paper you use is of good quality.
  15. Make sure the card is easy to read, for example, it’s not see through.

Checking the Business Card

Most importantly, read your business card before you send it to print and then get someone else to read it.  Make sure the address is spelt correctly, and the telephone number(s) are correct.  Double check your website address and then your email address.  If you can, put it aside for 24 hours and then come back to it and check it again.