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Free Resources

For PA, EA, Secretaries and Virtual PA and Virtual Assistants

How to answer the Telephone

How not to answer the Telephone

Two Videos to demonstrate how you should answer the telephone in a working environment and how you should not answer the telephone.

Time Management with a Good Diary Sheet

Managing your time and your bosses tasks

Free Template – Diary Sheet

Anyone who has been on one of my PA Training Courses or Secretary Training Courses will know that I am passionate about timekeeping, about organising your day to ensure that you can be the best you can and provide the best service you can. Here is a Free Template of the diary sheet I recommend you use or adapt to your working environment.

How to use this Diary Sheet

This Diary sheet has been developed after many years of organising myself and my clients.  I have also spent a lot of time reading about business development and time management.  I have therefore taken a number of ideas from the books, seminars and lectures I have attended to create this diary sheet.  I recommend that you plan your day in advance.  I find it easy to do this at the end of the day in preparation for the next. 

Free Template of Time Management Diary Sheet
Free Diary Sheet from myPA Business

Free Template, Free Diary Sheet

How to create the perfect Business Card

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