How to set up a business and be successful


A particle book on starting your own business.  There is homework and you will have to do some research. The result will be a blue print for your new business, a plan for your life and the freedom to be your own boss.

I started my business in 2005 with a laptop and a mobile phone. I had no money saved, I have no plan and didn’t really know what I was doing, where I was going and what I wanted to do with my business.  I knew was that the business would be called myPA and that was it.

I was externally lucky and found a number of people who took me by the proverable hand and helped me with the set, plan and direction my business would take.  Those early days were very important as it has certainly dictated what I do now and what I am doing in the future.  I want you to be the best you can be, I want your business to be a total success and I want you to hit the ground running.



This book is an introduction on how to start your own business, but takes a very piratical view of starting the business.  We will be looking at where your career is currently, where you would like to go and what aspirations you have.


There will be a lot of homework and you will have to spend time researching and being totally honest whit yourself.  Please remember this book is not a book to read and put on the shelf, there are worksheets and tasks that will need to be completed.  The work sheets could take you an hour to do or could take you a few days.


My name is Julie Farmer and in 2005 I set up my own Company in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom. Having started on my own business I now employ a number of people who work with me and we cover a range of administrative and secretarial services for a wide variety of clients.  I started my own business as a Virtual PA and now train business owners, other PAs and individuals to be the best they can be.


We are in a world of technology and communication is the key to almost every business solution. It is now possible to talk to someone who lives half way around the world via your computer, send files as email attachments and even view and work on documents remotely.  Many of the examples in this book are referred to for Virtual PAs however the contents of this book is for everyone who wants to start their own business.  Those who have the passion to make a big change and those who know that there is something else for them to do.


Remember you are planning for a new life, a new career and a new you.




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