What Services should a Virtual Assistant Offer

Services should a Virtual Assistant Offer?

I love this question, what services should a Virtual Assistant offer. It is often followed up with, I don’t have many skills and I would be worried that I would let a client down. It’s amazing how women always put themselves down.

One of the first things I ask all my students is to write a list of the skill they currently have. I then follow that up with, write down what you do at work. Often the list of tasks at work is much longer than the skills they believe they have. We all have transferable skills. Sometimes you just need to have them pointed out to you. It is a very useful exercise do.

The most flippant answer to the question of What services should a Virtual Assistant offer; is what services do YOU want to do. What services or tasks do you want to specialise in?

The skills you need to set up your own VA business will vary. Some skills will need to be learnt, others will come naturally. It is all dependent on what you have done in the past. Not just your last job, but the one before that and the one before that. When we think of typing, for example, we don’t think of that as a skill. It is a very important skill. Our VA clients rely on this skill more than any other skill.

Selecting your Services

Ask yourself the following question: What do I want to do, What do I get the most satisfaction out of. When at work what task do I enjoy most? Often the services you will offer your clients will become apparent. If not here is a quick list of services that you could think about

  • Diary Management
  • Travel including holidays and business travel
  • Credit Control
  • Bookkeeping
  • Socail Media creation, management and promotion
  • This list can be endless…

How to become a Virtual Assistant

Becoming a Virtual Assistant was one of the best decisions I made. I love being self-employed as it means I can focus on the tasks that I love. However, once the decision has been made to become a VA, what happens next. Well, you have to select the services that you are going to offer. I certainly made a few mistakes when I first started my business.

Like most people who start a business, I wanted to earn as much money as I could, therefore I accepted every job that came along. Sometimes selecting any job will cause you more issues than you realise. Think very carefully about the services you are going to offer.

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