What is a Firewall and why should I care?

What is a Firewall and why should I care?

A Firewall is there to protect your computer

A Computer Firewall

What is a Firewall?

The term firewall is thrown about by those in the know about computer security, but what is it?


In the most general of terms, a firewall is a defence measure that your computer uses in an effort to protect itself from unwanted programmes and outside access to your computer. Think of it as a kind of filter that guards you against the dangers of the internet.

How does a Firewall work?

A firewall works by comparing information to a set of rules. For instance, if a website or online (more…)

New Year’s Resolution for a PA, EA and Secretary

New Year’s Resolution for a PA, EA and Secretary

I am a great believer in continued professional development and, as a result, I listen to some podcasts on different business practices.  This evening, I was listening to a podcast by an Australian  Pro-blogger called Darren Rowse.  He made an interesting

Setting a New Year's Resolution as a career choice

New Year’s Resolutions

suggestion about a New Year’s Resolution you could make. Further, how you could make a slight change this year and, turn the idea on its head.  This is a fascinating concept for PAs, Secretaries and Executive PA in a business environment as we spend most of our time looking after other people.  In his podcast, he suggested that instead of making a New Year’s resolution about you and what you are going to do this year or stop this year; you should turn it around and make the resolution about how you can help other people, yet stay within your chosen resolution. I would also add, to help you advance your chosen career.



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