A Confident Woman at Work


Women work hard, they put in the same hours as men but their promotional prospects and attitude to work differs. If you are a strong woman people see you as aggressive, alternative they see you as a push over. When in fact you are juggling so many balls, its a wonder they are able to get through the day. This book aims to give women more confidence, give them the tools to stand up and be heard and taken as an equal.  A confident woman at work is a must read for all women in the workplace.

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A Confident Woman at Work

For years I have been teaching women who feel they need to be more confident and sometimes less aggressive.  What I have learnt is that most women are far too hard on themselves. They underestimate their talents and their ability to do their job and would never speak to or treat a friend the way they treat themselves. As a result, this book ‘A Confident Woman at Work’ has been created to help women discover their inner Confidence and become more assertive in the workplace.

We will discuss what Confidence is, what is self-confidence and what behaviours you should and should not accept.  We will consider your rights as an individual and why you should be a confident woman at work and what example you will be setting your yourself, your colleagues and any young woman with whom you interact.

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