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A Business Card reflects the business person you are, the business you have and the personality of your business.  The idea of a business card is to tell people that your business is in operation, it tells people what you do and what your business does.  For more information on the Perfect Business Card read our blog post.

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The Perfect Business Card has a job to do. A business card forms a significant piece of your marketing toolkit. The Business Cards need to represent you, your brand, and your brand identity. This piece of paper helps your potential customers know who you are. There are some dos and don’ts when designing a business card.

Creating a Business Card can be a very personal piece of Marketing for your Business. It is also one of the most potent weapons in your marketing arsenal.  Marketing takes many forms, and all forms of marketing can be effective.  However, marketing is only effective if you can get your message to the recipient.


You can launch a marketing campaign by placing an advertisement in the national or local newspapers or magazines. You could use a billboard or an A-Board (depending on the cost).  Some businesses choose to use a word-of-mouth approach. Alternatively, they attend several networking meetings to discuss their interaction with other like-minded companies.  The advantage of a Business Card is that it is small enough to be kept in a wallet or on a desk and has sufficient information to ensure the recipient has enough details to contact you.

The Perfect Business Card – who am I to tell you?

What are my credentials to tell you what you should and shouldn’t have on your business card? In this booklet, you will find those dos and don’ts. You will also be encouraged to create your Business Card with a bit of research thrown in. I have run my business since 2005 and helped coach other people to run and start their businesses. In addition, I teach, and I have created so many databases based on business cards. I have inside knowledge of what a business card needs to do for you and your clients/customers.

In this package.

  • A copy of all the Business Cards mentioned
  • A business cardholder.

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