Virtual Assistant Training Course (Home Study)


The Virtual Assistant Training Course has been created to make becoming a VA much easier than you would expect.  With this interactive training course, you will have the foundations to start your business within days. The course will take you 20 hours to complete but is fun, rewarding and draws on your own experiences and skills. Find out more about being a Virtual Assistant here

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Virtual Assistant Training Course

Virtual Assistant Training Course will give you the skill you need to start your own business as a Virtual Assistant.  The VA Training course will suggest services you could offer your clients.  You will cover all of the essential skills you need to be a Virtual Assistant, including effective communication, marketing and finance. You will already have many transferable skills but if you come from an office, administrative or secretarial background you may find this an advantage, but it is not necessary.  It is more important than you are passionate about a new goal, about setting up your own business as a Virtual Assistant and understanding that you will become a business owner.

Our Virtual Assistant Training Course is covered in 5 sections

  • One – About you (including your Employment and Skills, your availability, time and support)
  • Two – Sales and Marketing (Including business cards, networking, websites, talks, Marketing strategy)
  • Three – Finance (invoicing, credit control, accounts terms)
  • Four – Running Your Business (Your first client, forms, communication strategy, contracts etc)
  • Five – The Services You Can Offer (a list of services you can offer)

Who created this course and what gives this course the authority to say it’s a good course.

This Virtual Assistant training course has been created by Julie Farmer, who has been a Virtual Assistant since 2005.  It is based on her experience, her knowledge and the drive to get more women in the business world.  To help women understand that they are businesswomen and have a valuable place in the working environment. Take a look at the document I created for prospective clients here.

What does a Virtual Assistant do?

My goodness, what a question. It is difficult to say what a Virtual Assistant does as we do so much and then a little more than that.  A Virtual Assistant provides small businesses and individuals a professional administrative service as an independent contractor when they need an extra pair of hands on the odd occasion or on a more permanent basis.

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